DWB has been intimately linked to the forestry industry in Central/Northern BC since our inception in 1990. We have forestry roots, and have steadily expanded to meet the needs and demands of our valued clients. Our full spectrum of services are tailored to accommodate the forestry industry – and includes all aspects of planning, pre-harvest, and engineering (road/crossing design).

Our qualified staff of engineering, environmental and forestry professionals are well versed in the standard management practices, design standards, and regulatory frameworks applicable to the forestry industry in BC. We are 'Safe Certified' with the BC Forest Safety Council.

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Development & Planning

  • Block boundary location
  • Timber cruising and compilation
  • Road and block reconnaissance
  • Road location, survey and design
  • GPS traversing
  • Species at Risk assessments
  • Visual Impact Assessments
  • Wildlife/Danger Tree Assessment
  • Timber appraisal
  • Road permit, cutting permit, and site plan applications
  • Landscape Unit Plans
  • Recreational Plans
  • Total Chance Plans
  • Management Plans
  • Forest Stewardship Plans
  • Woodlot Inventories
  • Woodlot Licence Plans
  • Sustainable Forest Management Plans
  • Ecological mapping, and site plan data collection
  • Forest health assessments
  • Vegetation Resource Inventory plots
  • Windthrow Risk assessments
  • Harvest Plans
  • Timber harvest and road construction supervision
  • Silviculture surveys

Roads / Bridges

  • Upgrade design and new construction
  • Stream classification/riparian assessment
  • Access road/stream crossing layout and design
  • Permitting, environmental planning for construction
  • Assessment/load ratings

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