DWB is proud to be a key supplier of environmental and engineering services to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOT) in Northern BC. We also work on numerous resource access roads for our clients in the Forestry, Mining, and Oil & Gas industries.

Our qualified staff of engineering, environmental and forestry professionals are well versed in the standard management practices, design standards, and regulatory frameworks applicable to the transportation industry in BC. For all our projects, we incorporate our extensive local experience with Northern BC's climatic conditions, soils, and terrestrial/aquatic characteristics. We also provide value-added design options reflecting common challenges such as construction supply availability.

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Assessment / Pre-Planning

  • Aquatic and Terrestrial Habitat Assessments
  • Stream Classification
  • Conceptual Layout/Design Option development
  • Hydrology studies

Surveying / Design

  • Site surveys and site plans
  • Level 1 – 4 / RTK road traversing
  • Bridge, culvert design
  • Engineered road design and layout


  • Environmental management planning
  • Fish habitat compensation planning
  • Agency referrals/permitting
  • Traffic/quality management plans
  • Tendering/Contract administration


  • Quality Control
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Revegetation/Rehabilitation


  • Bridge inspection, certifications and site investigations
  • Follow-up revegetation/erosion surveys

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