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DWB's engineering team incudes professional engineers (P.Eng), survey/design technicians, and construction specialists. Our engineering department specializes in road and stream crossing design/construction, and also offer a wide range of civil/structural engineering services. Inter-disciplinary cooperation within DWB between engineers, biologists, and foresters ensures effective, comprehensive project delivery.

Our services are tailored for clients within each of our key sectors.

The following is a general list of our range of engineering services:


Surveying / Design

  • Site surveys and site plans
  • Stream crossing site surveys
  • Total station surveys
  • Level 1 – 4 / RTK road traversing
  • Computer Automated Drafting (CAD) and Eagle Point

Stream Crossing Design / Construction

  • Bridge, culvert design
  • Bridge inspection, certifications and site investigations
  • Structural and load rating analysis
  • Fish habitat compensation/stream rehabilitation design

Road Design / Construction

  • Engineered road design and layout
  • Traffic management plans
  • Quality management plans

Hydrological Analysis & Design

  • Hydrology studies
  • River engineering
  • Hydrotechnical studies
  • Small Hydro development
  • Sediment Pond Design
  • Rock Revetments

Soil Analysis

  • Material testing
  • Compaction
  • Sieve tests 
  • Proctor tests

Civil / Structural Engineering

Contract Administration

Construction & Project Supervision

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