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DWB's environmental team includes Registered Professional Biologists (RPBio), Professional Agrologists (PAg), Certified Professionals in Sediment and Erosion Control (CPESC), and highly qualified environmental specialists and technicians. We maintain strong working relationships with all levels of regulatory agencies, and have a solid reputation for providing cost-effective, practical solutions.

Our services are tailored for clients within each of our key sectors.

The following is a general list of our range of environmental services:


Environmental Site Assessment

  • Baseline assessment and surveys
  • Regulatory review for project development
  • Water quality monitoring

Fish Assessment / Stream Classification

  • Riparian assessments
  • Forest Practices Code stream classification
  • Fish passage culvert inspections
  • Fish sampling
  • Fish and fish habitat inventory and assessments

Wildlife / Ecological Assessments

  • Integrated resource management plans
  • Species management plans
  • Surveys and management plans (bird, small mammal, ungulate, species at risk)
  • Aerial and ground based radio telemetry
  • Statistical analysis

Environmental Management Planning

  • Environmental Management Plans for construction (EMPs)
  • Sediment and erosion control plans
  • Bridge and culvert installation prescriptions
  • Mitigation and remediation plans
  • Road/culvert deactivation

Sediment & Erosion Control PDF

Reclamation & Restoration PDF

Regulatory / Permitting

  • Federal, Provincial and Local agency liaison and environmental permitting
  • Memorandums of Understanding
  • Emergency works notifications

Construction Services / Environmental Monitoring

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Fish salvage and construction site dewatering
  • Revegetation/rehabilitation


  • Sediment and erosion management
  • Customized environmental training

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