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DWB's forestry team specializes in pre-harvest development, comprehensive planning services, and a wide variety of silviculture services. Combined with additional services from the engineering, environmental, and mapping departments, DWB is able to provide full multi-phase timber development.

Our accredited silviculture surveyors remain current through ongoing professional training. DWB's skilled staff can satisfy a wide range of clients' requirements, and create effective solutions for custom silviculture requests.

Our services are tailored for clients within each of our key sectors.

The following is a general list of our range of forestry services:


Pre-Harvest Development

  • Block boundary location
  • Timber cruising and compilation
  • Road and block reconnaissance
  • Road location, survey and design
  • GPS traversing
  • Species at Risk assessments
  • Visual Impact Assessments
  • Wildlife/Danger Tree Assessment
  • Timber appraisal
  • Road permit, cutting permit, and site plan applications


  • Landscape Unit Plans
  • Recreational Plans
  • Total Chance Plans
  • Management Plans
  • Forest Stewardship Plans
  • Woodlot Inventories
  • Woodlot Licence Plans
  • Sustainable Forest Management Plans
  • Ecological mapping, and site plan data collection
  • Forest health assessments
  • Vegetation Resource Inventory plots
  • Windthrow Risk assessments
  • Harvest Plans
  • Timber harvest and road construction supervision
  • Silviculture surveys

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