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DWB Consulting Services Ltd. has been involved in many complex engineering, environmental and forestry projects. We are proud to highlight some of them here!

2016 Peace Region Flood Response

CLIENT: Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

YEARS: 2016-2017

In mid June 2016, a storm with heavy rainfall caused flooding in the Peace Region, resulting in washouts and damage to multiple crossings along Highways 29, 52, and 97, as well as several main and side roads in the region. Emergency works began immediately, followed by recovery works as water levels lowered and the immediate danger had passed.

DWB was retained by MOTI early on in the process to act as Project Environmental Coordinators for over 200 sites. Environmental monitoring services and guidance, as well as environmental assessments and a general environmental management plan were provided during the emergency works. Once recovery works began, DWB continued to provide environmental monitoring services and guidance, as well as extensive consultation with environmental agencies, First Nations, archaeological and other consultants, ministry staff, and engineering consultants. Site and activity-specific environmental management plans were produces as recovery works progressed, in order to provide more specific guidance during works.   


  • Environmental monitoring
  • Environmental management plans for general emergency works, general culvert maintenance works, debris removal, and specific crossing repairs and replacements
  • Environmental permitting
  • Environmental reporting
The floods in the Peace Region required a quick and efficient response in order to deal with the damage and road closures as fast as possible while still encouraging environmentally sound practices. Works included repair and/or replacement of roads, bridges, culverts, and streambanks, as well as channel repair and site reclamation and revegetation. Detour crossings were required at several sites. Recovery works are ongoing, with the repairs and replacements planned in order to prevent future damage and washouts.








Castle Mountain Hydroelectric Project

CLIENT: Castle Mountain Hydro Ltd.

YEARS: 2010-2017

Castle Mountain Hydroelectric Project involved the planning, design, and construction of an independent power project on Castle Creek in the Robson Valley, BC.

DWB was retained by Castle Mountain Hydro in the planning stages of the projects for both engineering and environmental services. This included completing feasibility studies for the project, survey and layout, followed by project management, survey and design of access to the site, hydrotechnical analysis and studies, and the full design of the intake, penstock, powerhouse, and outlet structures. The environmental aspects included environmental plans, monitoring, permitting, reporting, and auditing as the construction progressed.

Engineering services included:

  • Feasibility testing
  • Land, UAV, and hydrographic surveys and layout
  • Hydrology and hydraulics for all structures
  • Design and drawings for:
    • Access roads
    • All crossings, including the bridge, road crossings, and penstock crossing
    • Intake structure
    • Powerhouse and outlet channel
    • Penstock
  • Ramping rate study
  • Post construction reports
  • Record drawings

 Environmental services provided:

  • Environmental plans, including the overall Construction Environmental Management Plan and various smaller environmental management plans and reports
  • Environmental impact summary
  • Environmental permits/referrals
  • Environmental monitoring reports
  • Fish compensation design and recommendations
  • Water sampling
  • Environmental auditing during construction
  • Post-construction reports

Castle Creek Hydroelectric Project was a large multi-disciplinary project for DWB, incorporating both the engineering and environmental departments over the course of several years. DWB was integral in the planning portion of the project, as well as in designing the access road, crossings (road and pipeline), and the intake, penstock, powerhouse and outlet channel, and developing and implementing the various environmental aspects and mitigation/compensation for the project.


Fort Nelson River Bridge

CLIENT: Forbes Industrial Contractors Ltd.

YEARS: 2015-2017

The Fort Nelson River Bridge project involved the replacement of the 430m single lane Acrow Bridge superstructure with a two-lane steel girder and concrete deck bridge for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) on Highway 77. As part of the works, a detour route with bridge was required, as well as structural upgrades to the seven piers and both abutments, and the demolition and removal of the Acrow bridge following completion of the new structure.

DWB was retained by Forbes Industrial Contractors Ltd for both engineering and environmental services. This included design of the detour road, bridge, steel erection, and cast-in-place deck design, as well as the removal plan for the Acrow bridge superstructure. Quality and traffic management plans were developed and executed by the engineering department. The environmental department developed the Construction Environmental Management report, provided environmental monitoring services and reporting services.


  • Quality management and plans
  • Traffic management and plans
  • Demolition plans
  • Steel erection
  • Concrete deck sequencing
  • Onsite quality supervision
  • Soils and compaction testing
  • Concrete testing
  • Design
    • Detour road, including geometric road design
    • Detour bridge
    • Cast-in-place concrete deck redesign
    • Bridge slide
  • Removal of Acrow bridge
  • Value engineering proposal for the concrete deck
  • Record drawings
  • Quality control reporting to MOTI


  • Construction Environmental Management Plan
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Hydroacoustic monitoring
  • Erosion control
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Revegetation plans
  • Environmental reporting

The Fort Nelson River Bridge is an ongoing project that has incorporated both the engineering and environmental departments over several years. DWB has been and continues to be involved in the continuing works onsite, as the project nears completion.

“FIC is pleased to have DWB work as part of our project team once again.  As usual DWB has contributed a high level of expertise in multiple fields and gone above and beyond to help us succeed.”

Andrew Forbes, P.Eng.

Forbes Industrial Contractors Ltd.


Huckleberry Mine Revegetation Trials

CLIENT: Huckleberry Mines Ltd.

YEARS: 2009-2017

A variety of revegetation research projects have been initiated at Huckleberry Mine in the past decade in an effort to identify successful approaches to revegetating soil-capped areas of the mine site. Between 2009 and 2012, seeding trials, which tested a variety of native plant grasses and legumes and soil amendments were established and monitored to identify challenges to re-establishing vegetation cover on disturbed and degraded soils. In 2014, shrub and tree planting trials were proposed to identify a successful and cost-effective approach for establishing native tree and shrub cover on soil-capped areas of the site.

Tree and shrub planting trials were initiated in 2016. A total of 13 species of trees and shrubs were planted in the trials and the trials included the testing of four types of teabag fertilizers (RTI planter paks).

In 2016, DWB became involved in the shrub and tree planting trials by initiating the trials and conducting the subsequent monitoring, soil testing, and reporting services.

 Environmental services provided:

  • Seed collection
  • Seeding prescriptions
  • Revegetation research trials
  • Soil testing
  • Review and monitoring of hydroseeding trial
  • Environmental reporting

Tree and shrub planting trials are ongoing with sampling continuing into 2017 and potentially beyond. Information provided from the trials will assist Huckleberry Mine in re-establishing tree and shrub cover throughout the site as reclamation progresses. DWB has been instrumental in providing the personnel and services required to continue the trials.








Moberly River Construction Bridge

CLIENT: Formula Contractors Ltd.

YEARS: 2015-2017

The Moberly River Construction Bridge project involved the construction of a bridge across the Moberly River as part of a transport corridor for materials required for the construction of the BC Hydro Site C Clean Energy Project. The project included geotechnical investigations, and construction of the bridge and approaches.

DWB was retained by Formula Contractors Ltd. for both engineering and environmental services. This included hydrotechnical design, soils and compaction testing, survey, quality management, structural design review, environmental plans, permitting, monitoring, construction surveys, and reviewing. DWB has also been retained to develop a bridge demolition plan and associated environmental protection plan to be put in place once the bridge is no longer required for Site C.


  • Quality management
  • Land and UAV surveys
  • Access bridge design
  • Structural design review
  • Hydrotechnical design
  • Soils and compaction testing


  • Environmental Protection Plans for geotechnical investigations, and bridge construction
  • Environmental permitting
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Spawning fish surveys
  • Environmental reporting

The Moberly River Construction Bridge was a multi-year project, requiring review, design, and planning for the various stages of the project. Significant environmental constraints were encountered throughout the project. DWB was integral in the design, quality management, and developing and implementing the various environmental aspects and mitigation for the project.


Peace River Construction Bridge

CLIENT: Saulteau Ruskin Construction Services Joint Venture

YEARS: 2015-2016

The Peace River Construction Bridge project involved the construction of a temporary bridge across the Peace River as part of a transport corridor for materials required for the construction of the BC Hydro Site C Clean Energy Project.

DWB was retained by the Saulteau Ruskin Construction Services Joint Venture to provide environmental representation. This involved reviewing the Environmental Protection Plan for the project, and providing environmental awareness training, environmental and hydroacoustic monitoring, and environmental reporting for the duration of the project.


  • Environmental Protection Plan review
  • Environmental Awareness training
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Hydroacoustic monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Safety jetboat services
  • Environmental reporting

The Peace River Construction Bridge required a variety of environmental protection measures and management considerations. DWB prepared an environmental awareness training presentation, and provided training to all onsite staff. The Qualified Environmental Professional provided regular bi-weekly site inspections, as well as signing off on all weekly environmental reports and monitoring data submitted by the monitors. The project was completed in March 2016, with construction completed as per the Environmental Protection Plan.

“DWB provided Ruskin with sound and practical advice to help manage the environmental expectations of the project. Their field team was knowledgeable, practical, and innovative in finding quick solutions to construction challenges on this incredibly sensitive project. We would happily work with DWB on future projects.”

Travis Trussler, Ruskin Contractors Ltd.


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